Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Working Child the 16 year old has taken my (ill advised?) advice  and found himself a job......Yes, that's right.......My kid......HIS job...   Well, guess what.....  now I have to be slave to his uniforms being washed and pressed (okay,  he could care less about the cleanliness and starch status of his clothes....but OCD demands it be done!)    And now I find myself running around his schedule...making sure I can get him to work ,  simply to have to wait around to pick him up four hours later....... Frankly?  It would be easier to just give him the $30 some odd bucks and tell him to stay the heck home some days!
Not to mention the $135. I am already in debt for the new black sneakers/black pants/white shirt I had to buy before he worked a single day......add gas and mileage...this job is killing me!   

Crap. So what is the current cost of trying to raise a cost conscious child in this economy?     F#ck if I know...All I know is I am exhausted.......The 16 year old has more money AND video games than he knows what to do with!!!!! and  I am spending a fortune in gas and expenses to keep this kid in petty cash!.....

And lucky me....I have a child who is willing and able to work for his own keep (albeit the keep is keeping him in all the current video games!)


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