Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mysuestories Very First Contest!!!!

OK readers! We are a mere hour away from the close of mysuestories very first con

Last chance......NAME THAT LAPTOP!!!!!!!!

See original post here:
MYSUESTORIES: Contest Update

And thanks, dear reader(s) for stopping by!!!!


Jen Hallock (Denephew) said...

i have the far the best suggestion yet: ready for it??? his name is EDDIE PACCARDI!! Eddie for reasons only true mysuestories fans and family members will understand and Paccardi because the laptop is a Hewlitt Packard so, its a combination of Packard and mysuestories favorite things in the world (besides mountain man of course) baccardi rum...i know, i know, i'm a genius...but hey..i am related to the mountain man himself!


Wonderful suggestion....pssst...I like VODKA, not rum! But I LOVE you!