Friday, April 10, 2009

Contest Update

OK, constant reader.... there have been some blog lurkers chiming in with names for my "Name the Laptop" MYSUESTORIES: Mysuestories' Very First Contest!!!
contest on Facebook.
I'm going to share them here, and you can feel free to comment on these, or come up with a few of your can continue to simply lurk there in the shadows of my laptop musings, and let me go on believing I am amusing simply an audience of one (Thank you, Christine!)

Anyway...David S. offered up three choices.
1- Lappytoppy
2- Vito
3- Siobahn

I gotta tell ya, by the time I got to number three, I was concerned for David S.' well being!

Now Rosa also chimed in on facebook with Lapadoodle. Not bad, huh? But it's no Siobahn (thank the gods of wireless internet!!)

And of course, actually IN comments, is Christine, with.....Betty. Now, lots of mysuestories personal friends (WHO PROBABLY DON'T EVEN READ THIS EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD!!!) know how I feel about THAT one. But Christine also offered up Hal. AND she was THE ONLY ONE so far to post in comments,,,so she's got quite a lot going for her, besides the fact that I've known her longer than I've been coloring my hair> (Yea-- that long!!!!
So chime in, readers, and lurkers alike...
What should I name my dear laptop?????


Anonymous said...

BETTY!!! hahahaha! you should pick that one just because its sooo frigin funny! hahahah!

Christine said...

I don't get it. Why do we hate Betty? Don't name it HAL, it's so uninspired. How about laporoscopy? (I have no idea how to spell that and my spell check isn't helping)
Or... ummm... Pennywise. =P