Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mysuestories' Very First Contest!!!

OK, constant reader, I do believe there are millions, or thousands, hundreds (at least TWO?) of you reading this without commenting ( and most likely not admitting it to a soul, huh?) Me neither, and it's MY blog!

Well, I believe, I believe, I BELIEVE!!!!!! And now, I'm hoping to prove it....

My right hand man (no, not the Mountain OTHER right hand man), my trusty laptop, needs a name. So, you, constant reader, are invited to a christening of sorts.

I'm asking for appropriate names for dear lap top. Here at mysuestories manor, I've blog-labeled my husband (Mountain Man), my step son (most honorable son number one), my upper-teen (the three toed sloth), and the tween ager (the gaming addict). But one of my most precious dependants(Yes, I DID claim it on my taxes!!!!) is as nameless as a red headed step child!

Anyone can (and I hope ) WILL enter! Just leave a message in the comments section of this here blog, and (I will jump for joy, sing HALLELUJAH, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and do cartwheels in the FRONT yard) on Wednesday, April 1, 2009, some time that evening, EST, I will pick and post the winning lap top name.

And, because I'm a gambling woman (NEVER let me loose with cash at a Chinese auction!!!!), there simply HAS to be prize for best lap top name.

Get ready, fans! Be still....
Here it is....
From Contests and Giveaways

That's right! It's a shower gel/body lotion/bath salt/loofah sponge extravaganza!!!!! And it's in the scent of Sweet Pomegranate! (ain't that the fruit that's supposed to be so healthy and cleansing to drink?--Well, just imagine sloshing your entire body in it!! I feel better already! pits!!!! Can the Real Pomegranate say that? Didn't think so!
(Couldn't ya just cry, it's so purty?)

Anyway, I know it ain't much, but it is F R E E! And it could be all yours!
Simply submit those lap top names and I will ship this beauty of a PRIZAPALOOZA off to YOUR home!!!
And...If you have a blog or web site or cause to promote or maybe a new friend with benefits you'd like to share with the entire blogosphere.....I will personally write a promotional blog.

And yes, doubting Thomas...I know April 1st is April Fool's Day. But not here at mysuestories manor, where quite frankly, EVERY day is April Fool's! April 1st is our first big giveaway day!!!!!

(pssstt-- PLEASE don't make me have to mail this SWAG BAG to myself...I will if I have to, but if I can't even BUY a comment? Well, this tee hee little site just might take a dark turn, ya know? )

Enter as often as you like...winner will be picked based on mysuestories distorted sense of humor, and all MY decisions are final....

And constant reader? Both lap top and I thank you for reading. AND for giving lappy a new moniker!!!!!

I HOPE the Mountain Man isn't the ONLY person that enters. Then I'd have to ask him for the $$$ to mail the PRIZAPALOOZA to him!!!! And while I'm all for self gratification.. that just seems so sad...Sigh.


Christine said...

Ok, I didn't post a response because I couldn't think of a name. At first I thought HAL, but that's way too obvious. Then I was thinking Betty. No, I don't know why. It just popped into my head. I don't have a name for my laptop, but I do have a name for the PC's hard drive. It's Iambe. She's the goddess of communication. Cause that's what I do with my computer, communicate. Yeah - sort of new age-y, but that's just how I roll sometimes. I name my kitchen appliances too. Just got a food processor that's in need of a name (the stand mixer is Sir Mixalot). Maybe I'll have a contest.
I still like Betty.


Thank you,Christine! But unfortunately, anyone who knows me will tell you that naming my most prized possesion "Betty" would simply be out of the question.... But that's a whole 'nother post!!!!! I DID know your food processor (in red) is Sir Mixalot... I DO read your blog daily,too! I'll keep Hal in the running (at the moment---the only one in the race!!!!), but the only Betty for me is "ugly"!

Christine said...

no! Don't name it HAL. Too ordinary. Is it a boy or a girl?


Definitely a female lap top...she's too in tune with my thoughts to be anything other! And, when I have PMS, it shows in HER writings!!!!!Now, kitchen appliances? They should ALWAYS be male!
I have Felix (my dishwasher) and of course the mountain man( my everything else in the kitchen!)
But for matters of the heart---it's a girl!