Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Will Not Beg! I Will Not Beg!!!!!

OK! This mysuestories contest has been a complete bust so far, ( and while many of you may think anything to do with any hint of boobies is a good thing-this is NOT that kind of bust!! ) this is the bad kind...
As in I have not had even ONE lousy suggestion in the naming of my dearest lap top! Even the Mountain Man hasn't chimed in. (Well, he claimed he submitted a response, but apparently he didn't realize you had to click on the submit button to do so---do ya see what I'm working with here, people?)
Anyway, out of pure self pity and shame, I am extending this same g*ddang contest for yet another week.
Somebody, please!!! Submit a name for dear lappy and put me out of this misery already!
As promised, you can star in your very own personally written by mysuestories tale. Or better yet, I can slander ANY object of your stalkation...

Just please, for the love of all that is bloggy, post a prospective name for my most beloved mysuestories possession.
To catch up on the begining of this sad tale of woe, click here. And post, damn you!

Oh, and dear reader, thanks for reading!

MYSUESTORIES: Mysuestories' Very First Contest!!!

New (and FINAL) winner pick date-----April 17, 2009.

Psst---It's not polite to just lurk in the shadows, you know. I'm just saying!

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