Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little House on the Island

We've been splitting (chopping?) wood for the winter....We have a wood burning stove, which is kind of cool...not many people have them on Long Island.... it saves bunches of $$$$$$on heating oil.... but it's very Ma and Pa Ingalls....My husband (no we do not actually call him #3!!!!-well, may be sometimes as a haha) is our chief woodsplitter---I and our eleven year old "The Gamesta" (cause he LOVES th e world of videogames), drag the wood in a pull cart toward the house where we stack it (in neat little rows crisscross each level!)for the winter months. Our very reluctant 17 year old "Three toed sloth" (ie.-he's not a worker bee) and our some what reluctant, but also not home much of the time 21 year old are in charge of humping all that wood down the basement stairs each day in winter.
Yes we have indoor plumbing.... but it is great outdoor exercise, and I do love the smell of fresh cut wood.....And as Pa Ingalls says "There's only so much money...It can be given to the oil company or we can use it for vacations...." Pa knows that the word "vacations" ,which I live for, is probably one of the few words for which I will split and haul wood.
Any way, we chop, we stack, we burn......It IS one thing the whole family helps to provide us with... It's kinda empowering to be able to be semi-self sufficient in this day and age!!!!! And
it's really not as bad as I let on........ well, thank god it's not planting season, too! (haha)

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