Friday, September 19, 2008

At the end of the day

Some days just seem harder than others to get through with..The boss can be a little more cranky than usual, or maybe the laundry pile seems larger than normal... Could it be that those darn, pain in the neck, scruffy, dirty, adorable, play ful dogs just won't stop barking today.....Did I sigh out loud when my eleven year old rattled off yet another school supply to purchase(Does that announcement always have to come after eight thirty p.m., when I'm having my first fix of csi or law and order for the week?????

I stumbled upon a blog today quite accidentally....It's called the nieniedialogues.....and it follows the postings of a family whose sibling and her husband survived (?) a small plane crash....They were both critically injured, and daily postings are set to follow every painstaking recovery effort...Every skin graft, intubation, medically induced coma.... and yet the entire family has nothing but hope at the end of the day.....

Okay, so I'm not grateful for the cranky boss, the laundry, or even last minute errands in the dark (I probably should'nt even be driving after dark!!!!---sucks to be forties)----but at the end of MY day I am grateful I can hear those damn dogs and their annoying barking!!!! And I will still complain about something....but I AM grateful there are four sets of ears (7 if I include the dogs) to listen to that griping ... even if three sets (maybe 7) are rolling their eyes when they do it..........xoxo to my family ---rolling eyes and all

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