Friday, May 23, 2014

Hail And Oats

Note to self: When setting up mouse traps to nail the little m@ther-fracking moles who are making Swiss cheese out of the backyard with all their intricate underground tunnels? One should remember to put the peanut butter (and oats----did you know moles like oats, constant reader? Well, neither did I...but apparently they do.........I can't imagine where they find oats on their own....perhaps there is a 24 hour Wild By N@ture knockoff convenience store run by moles who work 18 hour shifts and sleep in the back of said store)...Anyway, I digress...AGAIN...imagine that..... (and when I say "one", I mean mysuestories) should put the peanut butter and oats on the snap traps BEFORE you set the device. Just saying........ Having those little traps snapping all over the kitchen as ONE attempts to bait them.....peanut butter flying and oats falling like little stones of hail (ok, ok, so they were very quiet little oat flakes...give me a little leeway here....) ....Where was I? Oh, right ...peanut butter and huge oat meteors everywhere....... This COULD quite possibly be hilarious! (trust me on this one...It WAS hilarious).....Then again? I think we all know I have a pretty low tolerance for humor! I have (and will again) laugh at just about everything! Mysuestories 0 Moles 1 Sigh.....

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