Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, hubby has been very busy renovating our home. Forget that he is the greatest cook in the entire Northeastern States. Or that he religiously maintains our cars. Or that he is a love god he is soooo cute. All that talent is simply not enough for my man.

Nope. He also wants to be a master of home improvements. So last night my little connoisseur of disaster home decorator decided to take an electric saw to our freshly installed wall beams to make way for the coming electrical and cable lines.

He hit a knot. In. The. Wood.

The saw practically leaped out of his hands, and he struggled to maintain control of the wildly bucking electric saw while also maintaining to keep all four of his limbs attached to his cute little body.

Finally, the power cut off from the saw.

When the power cord was severed. Right from the saw.

Now it's a cordless saw. Only it doesn't work without it's cord. Sigh.

Thank god he can cook.


Miss Mapp said...

Thats real funny and he was real lucky not to be electrocuted.
Some good stories on here.

kbreints said...

LOL! Thank god it was not his arm that was cut!