Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8-1 + The Mountain Man?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - 1???????

Well, it's officially official!!! Jon and Kate are splitsville. Yea, like no one saw that coming. And their first statement to hit the press?

They plan to continue their tv show for the sake of the $$$$$$ (ahem) children.
Well isn't that a relief, America? Nothing I'd like to watch more than six young children face the horrors of divorce in an already publicly ruined family dynamic. Perhaps we could start betting on which of the little buggers will be the first to utter "I HAAATTTEEEE YOU (insert either parent here)!"

Today, the sacristy of marriage has lost to reality t.v. Aren't we just proud Americans today?

It's a sad, sad, world.

Anyone out there in network land looking to film a reality show about mysuestories' family? OK, so the kids are well fed and well adjusted (for the most part!) Nobody? Not interested in seeing a couple of loving parents strive to get their kids to the point of responsibility and self supporting while contributing to a better nation?

Yea, you're right. I wouldn't watch it either. I may live it (I hope!) but I probably wouldn't get past the first five minutes on tv.
Hmmm, what if mountain man had an affair with a neighbor? Maybe even the infamous Kate, who is surely on a manhunt by now! Nah. She' d be dead, I' d be in prison, and the mountain man would have a permanent knot in his manhood. End of Episode One. End of series. Besides, stripes make me look pudgy! (My real fear that keeps me on the right side of the law? No internet in prison. You can betcha ass I'm a good soldier!))

And just for the record, who the f**k is looking atJon, a father of SIX young kids; a man who is emasculated EVERY time Kate talks, and yet some how, some where, a young girl says "I wanna piece of him!"
Sigh. It's bad enough they film this shit. But that America chooses to watch it? Nauseating.

Now sit quietly and pass the pop corn. And the Pepto-Bismol. I don't want to miss a minute of
this crap!

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