Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'll take "the mountain man" for $100, Alex

Scene: The mountain man and mysuestories are performing a near-nightly ritual. We are plopped on the love seat watching Jeopardy, a show of not only body, but also of mind. Three unsuspecting contestants answer questions for cash, while at home, the mountain man and mysuestories do the same. With one small (!?!) difference. Without the chance to win money.

Mountain man and mysuestories shout out answers at the t.v. (We do not have a buzzer). Our answers? About 50/50 on the correctness scale. No matter. We continue to shout at an unhearing Alex Tribek.

All three contestants miss the Final Jeopardy question. Mountain man proclaims them "LOSERS", the best of which is walking away with $9400.00. That's a mere $9400.00 more than either the mountain man OR mysuestories won tonight.

Yeah, honey. You tell 'em!!!

Thank God we can live on love. I just can't decide whether to serve that with rice or potatoes for dinner tomorrow nite.

I'm thinking the guy who won the $9400.00 will be having a nice juicy T-bone steak. Yeah. What a loser.

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Christine said...

Ha! They all missed again tonight and I said the same thing! Losers! Although the guys is now a two day winner and has close to $20K. Point taken Sue, point taken.