Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

What does the average non Mexican full time working mom do to bring a little cultural fun into her family's lives?
I honestly couldn't tell you. But what I did do, was come home from a hard day's work to a fiesta!
From Party Time

It was tacos for all at mysuestories manor!!!!! (Sorry to disappoint, constant reader, but that little tequila bottle in the midst of all that artery clogging food? Simply for ambiance. It is only Tuesday!)

Oooh, and the best part of our Cinco de Mayo celebration? It was all waiting on the table when I got home. (Thanks, Mountain Man! I love ya more than mah luggage!)
From Party Time


And another thing. Who on earth would schedule a holiday that promotes over-indulging in spirits, and then let it fall in the middle of the week? (St. Patrick, are you listening as well?)

Oh well, pass the tacos. And hot sauce. Plenty of hot sauce. (Yeh, I can live a little on the wild side. Even on a Tuesday! OLE!


Trircia said...

If you were truly dedicated to the holiday you would have taken off the next day!


Good Point, Tricia. But where would I stop? The day after St Patrick's Day (that WOULD be a good one!) The day after Christmas? OOH, how about the day after Mother's Day? (Now THAT one should be mandatory, 'cause EVERY mother knows, Mother's Day is really just a lot of work on the mom's part to make her family feel like THEY celebrated her!!!!!!
Sigh. Happy Seis de Mayo!!!!!