Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Worse Than Me Being Wrong? He's Right Again!

So, constant reader, I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Actually, aren't we all always under the weather? Other wise, we would never get wet when it rained, or have to drive in snowstorms, 'cause we'd be over the weather? Are you still with me, reader(s)? Or are you thinking that maybe today is the day mysuestories has completely lost her marbles? Or maybe you're just sticking around because today may be the day mysuestories has completely lost her marbles? (I know I would!)

Regardless of why you are still here (You are still here, no?), well, if you are, then I've got the next three minutes to either entertain you or bore the living crap out of you. It's a gamble, but then, I'm a gambling woman. Roll those dice.

So, twenty some odd sentences ago, I started bitching sharing my tale of woe on how I haven't been feeling well. I rolled into work, 'cause I'm that devoted (to the $$$, that is!). But just because I was at my post (posting, as it were) did not mean I was going to be happy about it. And if there's one thing mysuestories
does not do, is keep things to herself. (No shit, Sherlock!)

The cause of my angst was a piercing headache I'd had for going on two days. This was odd for two reasons.

1) I never get headaches. And
2) The only piercings I sport are one on each ear. Yeah, I'm a rebel. I know.

Now, since my sniveling was not confined to working hours, the mountain man had already put on his doctor's lab coat and proclaimed that my head ache was probably a sinus irritation from a cold or allergies. To which I whined dutifully replied I have never had allergies, and I would surely know if I had a cold, thankyouverymuch!

Anyway, half way through my complaining work day, my esteemed colleague-IE: the poor woman sitting directly in front of me offered me a couple of cold tablets. Since the four Advil I'd swallowed that morning did absolutely nothing, I gladly choked back a few more pills.

Within an hour, the headache was gone (Can I get a Hallelujah?), and had been replaced with, well, a cold.
I was now sniffling and sneezing on top of my sniveling and whining. I mean, hell, what did I expect? I took a cold pill and got a cold, right?
Thanks, old colleague of mine. Oh well, at least she's in the direct line of my germ spewing, faucet like nose!

On top of that I had to go home and once again tell the mountain man he was friggin' right. Oh, I tried to hold in the sniffling and sneezing and red eyes, but it was either own up to my cold or confess to being a closet junkie. I looked that bad!


Thank God I didn't ask for baby aspirin!


Christine said...

Look at you with your strike throughs, you go girl! Feel better.


Thank you! I have an excellant IP girl!!!!