Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring! It's Not Just For Flip Flops

Yesterday's post hailed the wonderous season for flip flops. This caused quite the commotion in mysuestories closet. So, in order to bring fairness
and harmony to those who were slighted yesterday, I present to you a second edition of what shall hereon be known as myshoestories:

First we have these little lovelies:
From Party Time

Great for short walks and dancing!

Every good shoe collection simply must include on pair of ridiculously dangerous black heels!
From Party Time

Again, long walks, not particularly popular with these.

Summer wouldn't be complete without a little 5 inch white heel!
From Party Time

Or two....
From Party Time

We've got sandals and tan heels:
From Party Time

And strappy chunky heels too!
From Party Time

Of course, all this thinking about shoes....well, it's like waving a bottle in front of an alcoholic.....I did what any other self respecting shoe maven would do. I went shopping....
And came home with these:
From Party Time

Say hello to my little friends!

Pshew. Maybe now the tongues in my closet will stop screaming at the flip flops for equal blogging rights. Now, if only the boots would stop putting
their foot down!!!!!!

Sigh. What's an addict to do?
Did somebody say pedicure?
I'm gone.

And reader, thanks for listening to the voices in my closet. (They are in the closet, aren't they?)


Anonymous said...

I guess you are finally making money on your blog?

mysuestories said...

Enough to buy the occassional new pair of "come get me" pumps!!!!!!
But you, dear reader? You just keep on clicking on those ads! Summer fashoin shoes will be out soon!!!!!