Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Show Me The Money, Already!!!!!!

OK, I am still here and working. My first round of lottery tickets purchased with a group of friends at work has been a complete bust. Not so much as a free ticket. Sigh.

The Mountain Man still has to check his group work tickets, and then we bought a few of our own he will check later.

I don't know if I will be happier to just have won my (yes, I am sure it is mine, already!), or will I be pissed that I had to work another day before I found out? Probably both. I'm moody that way.

Not to worry, lottery Gods. I will still feed the children of Dar fur. I may even send our kids there for a while. Just so they can see what it's like not to have a stocked pantry and full fridge to stand in front of while whining, "There's never anything to eat here!" I'll shoe them life without hot pockets and everything bagels with cream cheese and bacon! Bastards!

Hmmm..suddenly I have an urge for bagels......(Apparently I have a highly suggestive brain!) Sigh. I shoulda wished for the money instead. Less calories!

Keep the faith, constant reader(s)! We (meaning I of course, still have a chance to be ruined by money, money. money!!!!!!!1


Anonymous said...

OH MY GODDDDDDDDD! what a fabu package arrived today. Thank you Thank you thank you. How DID you know I just love to bathe with pomegranate bath salts!!!!! OH and the pink pufffffff.

Giggles girlfriend and two snaps up!!


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