Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mr. Fix-It

The mountain man has been very busy planning our Easter feast. (He did let me hold the coupons at the market!) However, in the midst of all his shopping and cooking, he decided to change an outdated fan/light in our bedroom with a new light he purchased that matched the decor a bit better.
This is what the original fan/light looked like:
From Easter and cooking

This is what the new light looks like:
From Easter and cooking

We people who chop wood for heat tend to be very energy efficient!

This is what the new light looks like after the mountain man installed it all by himself!
From Easter and cooking

And no, dear reader, those are NOT meds for the electrically challenged on his ladder. That is actually the part of his tool box that contains miscellaneous screws---none of which was the right size for the job!
And that dear reader, is why the mountain man's link to this blog is called In The Kitchen with the Mountain Man and NOT Let's Try To Fix Sh*t Ourselves!

But, boy, can he cook!!!!! (AND he's soooo cute!)

Oh, and constant reader? Have a Happy Easter/ Passover. And thanks for reading!
From Easter and cooking


Christine said...

Mountain Man is more than welcome to come to our house and rifle through Jimmy's thousands and thousands of screws. I'm sure he has the right one, because he's been collecting them for decades and he's really good at having the right screw. tee hee.


Tee Hee Indeed!!!!!!

Moe said...

I'm sure Mountain Man had a treat for himself under all those screws!

Anonymous said...

Seems to run in the family. No project gets done without 4 or 5 trips to Home Depot.