Monday, April 27, 2009

Google Adsense. Tanks For Nuttin' !!!!

Well, readers, now I've really gone and done it!!!!Notice anything new about how mysuestories looks today? Anything missing?

What's that, dear reader? Oh, that's right...where are all those little bitty ads that were going to support mysuestories' early retirement? Why, whatever happened to them, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you what happened to all those itsy bitsy google ads. They were banned from mysuestories. And do you know why adsense was banned (or was it mysuestories who was banned from adsense?--Oh well, either or). The reason Adsense and mysuestories are no longer a couple? Because the ads were being clicked on. (Wsn't that the whole point????)
The ads were clicked on by my kids when they read the blog, my hubby when he read the blog, and some times, even by mysuestories when I read the blog!!!!
So, apparently in the mind of Goggle and all that is unholy in the world today, those little ads? Not so good to click on. Apparently authors are not allowed to surf the web through their own site, and shopping on line should never be to my own benefit, yet it's okay to shop through another person's ads!!!!?????
Are you still with me, here, constant reader? "cause I gotta tell you, the world of Google and Adsense? Seem's a little contradictory to me right now.
So, I guess I'll just be writing these silly little tales here for the fun I started it all for to begin with. And Googl Adsense? You can KMA (huh, reader, not familiar with that little acronym? Why it means KISS MY ASS!!!!

Screw it. Who wants to retire early anyway? Sigh.


Christine said...

They don't deserve you.

Emily said...

And here I thought you would be buying a vacation villa in Hawaii. Oh rats.


Careful, ladies. you are officially consorting with a criminal!

Cyndi said...

You naughty girl! :)

I've read that it's against their policy to click on your own ads. Seems to me they could just not give you credit for those...whatever.

I have wondered though, how profitable are they anyway? I'm not looking for actual numbers here, just wondering if they pay a decent amount or just a few bucks a month?


Cyndi- I "earned" less than thirty five dollars in over 1800 clicks. Not easy, my friend. And THAT took 3 months, AND apparently that's a little too fast for them, hence my imposed exile! I imagine they actually pay very little out....