Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm A Drinker, Not A Fighter!

Well, faithful reader(s), we can rest easy! Apparently the threat of my terror tactics as employed by this blog and the mysuestories maniacs (that would be YOU, dear followers!) has paid off!!!!!!
Our evil villain has crumbled under our demands (and One comment--- Thanks! Moe!), and my dear fifth limb, my camera, is back in my very incapable hands!!!!!!!

As soon as I sort out the photos taken of/for/and completely without my knowledge, I will post the St. Patrick's Day Events(from hereon known as the Day of the Great Camera Caper)!!! Tune in tomorrow.

But for now..... a promise is a promise...even if it IS in the form of a ransom demand....
Appearing now....mysuestories on St. Patty's Day:

Who knew I had three chins? (Shut up, Mountain Man! We're talking about my FACE here!)
And how about that shirt? It's actually the Mountain Man's. Looks new, right? No stains. And do you know WHY it looks new and has no stains? Because it's two sizes too small for him,, and it's never been worn before!!! ( Although it may have a few spills on it now... Sorry, babe!)
And the hat? Borrowed... Thanks, boardybabe! But why DO you have two of them, anyway? Kinda like my kister (sis with a kiss-if you're new around here). My kister once bought two butt-busters from the Only Sold On TV channel, once. Apparently, a butt buster is a plastic ass-shaped disk you put your, well, duh, butt in, and rock back and forth for a slimmer butt. Suzanne Somers did the commercial, and she must be one hell of a sales pitcher, 'cause my kister, who only has one keister? Well, she bought two butt busters, cause the second one was half price! (By the way? She's still the same ass I've always loved! No change, sorry Suzanne Somers!)

Anyway, my beloved camera's back, and I can't wait to share photos again.

Oh, and as long as I am publishing mysuestories photos not in my best moments, lest we should forget our villainous leprechaun:

I love ya, nephew, but pay back is a bitch!!!!!! And my faeries have yet to forget ya!

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