Friday, March 6, 2009

Making Bread by Breaking Bad

So, tonight I am caught up in a first season marathon of Breaking Bad, the AMC mini series about a terminally ill high school chemistry teacher who delves into making crystal meth to create his own stimulus package for his family.
Now, the economy of this country is pretty damn well close to the crapper, so I just have to ask myself ( and of course you, oh lonely reader(s)...What would
you do to support your family in dire times?
Me? I would embarass my friends and family by posting a (near) daily blog about them and then support them with the oodles of $$$$ I make from the little adsense google ads that appear in the side bar. (You have been clicking on the ads to help feed my poor starving waifs, haven't you?)

And then I remembered, I've already sold out all those I love as described above. Oh yeah, with one small difference....I'm still waiting for the ca ching ca ching.....
Maybe that's why the Chem teacher turned to meth's easier than pimping out your story on a daily basis...
Ah, what the heck...embarassing the fam is so much more fun!!!!!

What about you, reader...What would you do? Or cook up? Or write about?

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