Monday, March 16, 2009

The Luck of the Irish!

Well, faithful reader, what you SHOULD be looking at here right now at mysuestories, are the beautiful photos I wanted to share with you of the Mountain man and my celebration of St Patrick's Day this past weekend.
See, in our little town, we start the partying a wee bit early, and we enjoyed a lovely small town parade and a small town pub crawl with our many fun friends (although many of them still don't subscribe to mysuestories....But enough about them. It's not like they're reading this anyway!
So, where, ask you (you were going to ask, weren't you?) are these fine, fine photos?
Well, it appears mysuestories, in a vulnerable moment (OK, so I was a wee bit over my two drink limit)relinquished control of my most prized pot 'o gold: The mysuestories coveted camera!
NO!!!!!!Say you. Say it isn't so, mysuestories! (exclaims the masses -or would an audience of one be just a mass?)
Tis true. It turns out my arch nemesis, the evil leprechaun

has misappropriated my most coveted treasure!!!!
And, I've since learned that many, let's just say, "candid" shots of mysuestories "doing" shots now appear in it's turncoat memory.
As for it's return, I have promised to publish said shots upon the return of me gold, and I will.
However, if the mischievous leprechaun has not returned that camera in good time, upon my Irish eyes a smiling, I do solemnly swear upon all that is green that I shall unleash the wrath that is mysuestories upon the villain with my most powerful of weapons: this blog.

Beware, you lecherous and me faeries are gunning for you!

What's that, constant, faithful reader? Who is this dastardly scoundrel?
Why it's none other than.......
From De Nephew


Hmmm...maybe her newest favorite cousin knows something
mysuestories does not!!!!!!
From De Nephew

So, denephew, cough up the camera, or perhaps your cell phone number goes public?!!!!
Let the readers decide....
Comments, anyone?

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