Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm A Dancing Fool

Well, we had our first ballroom dancing class. We also probably had our LAST ballroom dancing class. Lord only knows if they'll ever let us step (well dressed) foot in THAT class again.
It all started so smoothly. Some forty couples were lined up and we started to fox trot...quick,quick, slooooow...quick quick,sloooow.

Then came the Fancy foot work. Our instructor lined up all the men and demonstrated a simple little three step move that promised to make them look like Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman". She showed them three times their easy steps and then led them in their performance.
At the end of this very simple three step, all the men were facing east. Except one. The Mountain Man was facing west.
And, He. Didn't. Even. Notice.
It was at this point that I think I blew our lifetime membership in beginner's ballroom dancing.
I very delicately (Yeah, right. The last delicate thing I ever did was give birth and curse out my husband, the doctor, and the godforsaken devil spawn clawing it's way out of me!)- Anyway, ever so lady like, I yelled, "HEY, RAINMAN! TURN AROUND!"

Well, the serious dancers, they eyeballed me like I was Jezebel(not since the '80s!).
The couples who were simply trying to reconnect with one another by partaking in an activity they would never use, ignored me.

Then there was the couples who just wanted to have fun. They laughed. REALLY LOUD!
Ten Minutes passed before class could resume, and we had now made a few new friends, and more than a couple of scornful enemies for life.

Oh well, one step forward, two steps back...THAT'S a lesson we have YET to be taught. Maybe next week?

Look out, Fred and Ginger! We WILL be back!
And just in case? We will bring bail money.


rosa said...

you ALWAYS make me laugh! i would have been one of the ones that fell to the floor laughing and crying!!


Rosa, if I could have you there, I'd treat you AND your hubby for lessons!!!!