Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mountain Man

Well, it's been another week of celebrating here at mysuestories manor. It was the Mountain Man's birthday, and of course we could only do that which he enjoys so much. We partied!
He started the weekend by splitting a huge 20 pound (well, nearly!) chocolate cake with our youngest household reveler. That cake never stood a chance!

The next night we went to a party at a local pubbery where a good friend was having a celebration for HER 50th birthday! Talk about details! The invitation alone was 12 pages long! That's not an invite!!! That's a manual!

Anyway, this dear and talented friend turned her celebration into a fundraiser for her favorite charity! What a great way to give a gift, huh? She raised A LOT of $$$$ for a great cause, AND she made/bought over fifty great gifts and prizes that were auctioned off to everyone!!!

It was a wonderfully selfless way to celebrate and we were really glad to have been a part of it! We came home with tons of prizes!!

And the best part? I told the Mountain Man it was HIS party! Heh!

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