Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take Your (Sugar ) Lumps

Okay. Time to come clean with my Internet obsession. (yes, I have discussed it before -see mysuetories- the first step is the hardest)-
It all began, way back when my 16 year old son let on that he had a Face book account. I like to think of myself as an aware of what's going on in the lives of my children(read- hoodlums). But when I thought about it, just how much does any mom know about the secret Internet lives of their spawn? That was when I though about how much MY parents knew about MY secret life as a teen.

That's when I panicked. And like any other scared but curious as hell parent, I opened up my OWN face book account. Just to see what the little bastard(read- darling offspring) might be up to.

Well, it turns out the photos weren't nearly as bad as I thought, and truth be told, there weren't many surprises, which was quite surprising in of itself.

But while I was on MY face book account, reading about HIS account, I received an "Add a friend" message. It turns out, I had hordes of old friends I hadn't spoken to in over twenty years, and of course I wanted to be friends with all those people who wouldn't give me the time of day (nor I them) all those years ago.

I went one better, and started stalking, er, I mean, seeking out people I knew. Who would have guessed we could all have virtual cocktail parties on Saturday nites via the Internet?!

I've pretty much all but forgotten my son's Internet usage. Hell, who had time to check his Social surfing, and my e-mails, the constant stalk/search for new people of my own, all while trying to instant message those unfortunate to actually be on line when I'm trolling for victims? Something had to go. So I cut his cyber spacing a little slack (read- completely forgot about him.)

Then today, I surfed a little (no worry about sharks here, chum) and came upon something on You Tube.

Note to all of my Internet interventionists(you know who you are!)- This is the FIRST time I have actually randomly searched ANYTHING! Really! I didn't even know there was a You Tube. OK, OK, I've heard about it, but I though it was just a personalized sock site, ya know? Not to worry. I can stop any time I want to. Just please don't take my lap top away!

I digress. OK. So I stumble, quite literally, like a drunk on a binge(?)and found this little tidbit:


Now, I'm thinking two things here.
#1. I really should just take a peek back into my kid's cyberlife now and again (which I did- nothing new there.)
#2. Stupid video? Maybe. Entertaining? Juvenile? Yes. But creative and hard work? Definitely.

Let me suffice to say that my son's cyber socializing is a bunch of kids having laughs with acronyms for sentences I can't decipher. But the kid in the video?

I'll bet his Mom is proud.

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