Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday! And as we are great traditionalists here at mysuestories manor, we shall follow in the steps of those who have celebrated this great day before us!
We will scurry all over town and collect our numbers from the boxes we have been securing for the last six weeks, in the hopes that we will win MANY points! Because points are good and we ALL want to have more of them, right?
Then we will take our carefuly recorded numbers from those boxes (which by the way, pretty much suck-they are the least likely numbers to pay off those elusive POINTS that we continuously seek!), and we will hole up with twenty of our nearest and dearest, where we will play for even more POINTS!
We will eat hot wings, and six foot hero sections, and cocktail weenies, all the while being weenies while cocktailing!
And we will watch football(?), which, by the way, I could care less about besides the fact that I may win POINTS (Yea me!). And we will watch commercials that cost more than my entire shoe collection for a thirty second spot (and they call ME frivolous!).
Oh. And there will be Bruce Springsteen at half time--the love of my youthful music persona! The endless concerts, the vinyl albums...Ahh youth!Ohhhhh, Growing Up!
Yes!!! Bring on the wings!

Do you think anyone will mind (besides my kids!) if I bring my lighter and sway at the end of halftime yelling ENCORE! ENCORE! ? Because Tramps Like Us, baby, We Were Born to Run!

Come on, teams! Bring on the POINTS! Mama needs a new pair of shoes (Really, I do!). Tonight In Jungleland!

And those points sure will help when Sprinsteen tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for the new tour! And tonite, when we collect all those points, I sure hope to set the night on Fire!

Oh, can someone please let me know... who's playing in the big game, anyway?

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Mary Alice said...

Wow. Bruce really put on a show last night...what do you bet he's pretty sore this morning? At a certain age you can't bounce right back from knee sliding.