Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Today the Mountain Man and I headed south to escape some of the New York weather.

We flew from from JFK to Charleston, No Carolina after a journey that began at 2:30 am when the Mountain Man very lovingly planted his foot firmly in the center of my back and pushed me out of bed, proclaiming "Honey, it's vacation time!"

Ain't he sweet?

The early am car drive to the airport was a bit of a blur, as my eyes were still glued shut. ( Due to no fault of yours, dear Alex-our favorite car service oeprator!)

Anyway, after intermittently sleeping like a pretzel on the first 1 and a half hour leg of our journey, the Mountain Man and I decided to kick thngs up a notch.

Once in Charleston, we upgraded our "Coach" vouchers. Keep in mind, constant reader, that in the airline world, "Coach" is not quite as prestigious as in pocketbook world!
From First Class

Anyhow, we upgraded to First Class (for a mere 25% of the original upgrade fee-Thank you very much Mrs. Travel Agent!), where we were seated first and generally treated just like Billy Idol in Adam Sandler's "The Wedding Singer".

A little First Class insider info:
Have you ever noticed in the back of the plane, you're always told they can't serve cocktails until you're in flight?
Well, in the front of the plane, coctails of all types are served BEFORE coach even boards.
Oh, and those cocktails? Absolutely free.
From First Class

Mountain Man and I figured if we kept a steady pace of drinking, we will have well surpassed the additional $150. upgrade fee before our FREE inflight meal was even served!

Giddy on imagined wealth and airline cocktails, we tried not to sneer as the mere ordinary folks wereled like cattle to those seats behind the curtain--talk about a social barrier!

Mountain Man laughed as I commented on the riff raff ---reminding me that after about one more cocktail, "WE would be the Riff Raff!"

hey, I'll bet you didn't know that in first class, they don't show you how to inflate that little life vest that is expected to sustain you in shark infested waters after a 35,000 foot fall from the sky in a huge hunk of metal.

Nope. They have a steward who blows up each one for you.
And, i suspect, frequent flyers of the premiere club are shown to the exits first. I guess they want to make sure the sharks dine well on us "fat cats" before tossing out the rest of the passengers into the great blue sea!

Well, constant reader, i gotta go. New cocktails just arrived, and a decision has to be made as to which (FREE) entree to dine upon...

Sigh, I guess the cold cut platter with fresh fruit and strawberries will have to do.
From First Class

Well, if we walk like rich ducks and fly like rich ducks, why do I still have a hankering for an eight dollar ham and swiss hero from coach?

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