Monday, February 2, 2009

Holy Cow, I Think He's Gonna Make It!....STOP RIGHT THERE!

Well, the big game has come and gone. The spicy wings and cocktail franks and beer and yummy desserts are all gone, and there's nothing left to show for it besides jeans that are a little (?) tighter today, and mysuestories is a little more tired than usual!

Yep, Bruce still rocks! Looks like he's barely aged a day over the close to three decades I've been a fan. Although I will say that that one slide he did into the camera looked a little painful! Who knew jock straps should be required attire for active aging rock stars?

The only low point of half time was when my 12 yr old asked just who Bruce Springsteen was! Damn. That one hurt me!

Ohhhh! Did I mention we won POINTS? Yep, me and my youngest won TWO (that's right, TWO) boxes worth a whopping total of 550 POINTS! I don't know about him, but I am headed to the nearest shoe store that accepts said POINTS!!!

Oh, the game..... Well, Mountain Man and I were close to winning 2,500 POINTS on the final score, but wouldn't you know the bastards had to change the score with a minute left in play?!!
At which time Mountain Man reminded me that the same exact thing happened to us last year with two minutes left in the game.

So, I've decided to write to the Football Gods (read- commissioner of the game of football(?)- and request that they shorten the game by three minutes. This way I won't get all excited planning on how I will spend winnings that get yanked away from me at the last moment!

And those commercials are hardly worth mentioning. Oh, the Budweiser Clydesdales in heat was cute, bu we expect that much from them. had a decent spot with the employee who hurled the snow globe at his boss' head and would now be "Looking for a new job?"! Other than that, I expect a lot more for my $6 million bucks a minute! Not that it WAS my $$$. Even if it HAD been mine, they would have just yanked it away at the last moment!

Oh well. At least we won something! And we laughed and ate and drank all with good friends.
But I gotta tell you, I STILL don't know the final score. Only that I had it, and then *poof* some hero had to go break the record for the longest interception return (?!!!) in Super bowl history. Great. I hope HE'S happy! All I know is now the Springsteen tickets for the new tour are off the table. Sigh. Maybe I can still buy the CD.

Thanks, constant reader, as always, for coming along for the ride.

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Christine said...

ok, wait. Your child doesn't know who Springsteen is? Really? You're lying down on the job my dear. It's your sacred duty to create the next generation of Springsteen fans. Yes it is. It was bestowed upon you one soft, infested summer and it is expected that you right that wrong.

There was a point in the performance where Clarence looks right into the camera. I said, "You know..." and both my kids said, "Yeah, mom... he waved at you once... we know." Ingrates.