Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did Our House Just Sneeze?

Ok. Our entire house has a cold. You know, just like in My Cousin Vinny, with Joe Pesci. The WHOLE store had the flu? Well, that's us. Except it's a cold.

I was feeling kind of run down and snotty at work today (more than the usual snot I am), and all I looked forward to all day was coming home and maybe crawling on the couch where my devoted family (read- minions at my every beck and call) would wait on me hand and foot.

What I got home to was one kid on the couch sniveling more than usual with a thousand crumpled tissues forming a two foot circle around him. Apparently his cold prevents him from reaching the garbage can six inches away. And can I please make him yet another pot of soup?

Son number two was feeling well enough to immerse himself in the world of X-Box, but not well enough to tend to dogs. His allergy reddened eyes made even me give him a pass tonight.

Mountain Man managed a delicious dinner, but before I could hop into bed and play my "I"m sick, so pamper me" card, he had beat me to it. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to concentrate out here with all that sneezing and groaning he's doing in there!

So here I sit, throat aching, head stuffy, and snot dripping out of my nose. I turn to you, my constant reader. Can anybody out there make virtual chicken soup?
No? How about just sending more tissues?

I can't wait to got back to work tomorrow.


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