Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Star is Born

I can sing! That's right I CAN SING! The only problem with that, is, I, um, well, I don't sing very well. But does that matter to mysuestories? Nope. Not. One. Bit. And I'm not talking at home, in the privacy of the shower singing. Nope. I'm talking front stage and center with a LIVE microphone in front of a room filled with strangers singing my little heart out!

It really did happen that way! Oh, that I could take it back.....Nah. I don't think so! The mountain man took me out for an evening of drinks and laughter with some friends. Did we even KNOW it was Karaoke nite? (You bet we did!) Did we know our favorite Karaoke team THE BOOZE BROTHERS- Karaoke with a TWIST! was even going to be there? Of COURSE we did. Did we throw every shed of human dignity and propriety out the window? Damn right we did!

First, our hosts: The Booze Brothers are a fabulous team of karaoke artists "On a blues mission" . They dress just like our famed Dan Akroyd and John Belushi, and they nail every single one of their on a mission from God hits perfectly!

There's Jake:

There's Elwood:

And then there's Tim - I'm thinking Elwood had an illegitimate child with Aretha?

No matter! They are stupendous. Everyone adored them. And THEY weren't even the main act. Nope, that's right. It got even better.

Now, on microphone, after having been asked (?) to leave the eighth grade chorus and having not only NOT improved since then, and probably declined quite a bit; is: (drum roll please, Elwood)----MYSUESTORIES!!!!!!!

Yep.... After simply a few *cough* libations, MYSUESTORIES seemed to forget that her talents with words lie within her trusty computer keyboard, and just because you can spell it or say it, certainly does NOT mean that you can sing it! (Don't believe me? Ask any number of dogs residing in my fair town, who may have spent the evening sleeping UNDER the doghouse that night!)

It all started with Mountain Man and his good friends G. and M., and their rendition of Rawhide. (Nervous yet, dear reader?) Nobody sings "git 'em up" quite like my man. I thought their trio could use a fourth party to make the sound of the whip cracking. Forget the fact that I don't even know what that quite sounds like. No matter. It was my party (well, not really) and I was not gonna be deterred!

Miss P. and I combined forces on "Me and Bobby McGee", and constant reader? If you've ever seen the studio version of Janis Joplin singing that song and twirling madly during the na na la la de la.....part? Not such a good idea after several drinks!

We as a group sang "The Weight", which is an old favorite of our clan.....

Annnd....You put the weight right on me......"

And the grand finale was probably "Alice, Alice...Who the f**k is Alice?" (Where DID that song come from, anyway? And just WHO is this woman who brings forth such chanted rage?)

Oh, there were lots of other folks singing their hearts out, and I made more than one new friend that night. Of course, they, too, were imbibing and may be tone deaf as well! No matter! Those just happen to be two qualities I love in people!

Thanks Jake, Thanks Elwood, and um, Thanks, um, Tim? Had a blast playing rock star! And I had the hangover to prove it!

Oh, and to the couple who were singing Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe", Thanks for being so tolerant, even though it was quite clear you needed no backup from me!

So, until the next time the BOOZE BROTHERS-Karaoke with a TWIST comes to MY town (Not to worry, fellow rockstar-wannabees---I WILL post it here first!), you'll just have to settle for my playing the old laptop. However, I WILL still be singing daily in the shower if you're passing by!

Feel free to contact the BOOZE BROTHERS-Karaoke with a TWIST! and find out where they'll be appearing next! THEY DO PRIVATE AS WELL AS PUBLIC SHOWS Karaoke and DJ's for ALL OCCASIONS Call Larry "B" a.k.a. ELWOOD 631 926 8721 email: 455rockit@optonline.net
hmmmm... I wonder if they'd fit in my shower?

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Looks like a great time!