Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Things Just Ain't Write!

It's another Monday. The alarm goes off at an ungodly hour. We roll out of bed still weary. I shower while he makes our breakfasts and lunches. A quick kiss, and another long week begins. A commute ends, Mounds (or is it pounds?) of paper work shuffled, tabulated, recorded, analyzed. Another commute. Dinner on the table when I arrive home.

Am I complaining here? Well, I thought I was. I figured I'd rant and rave about how Monday's really bite the big one (Rest assured, constant reader, they do!). And yet as I recap the day, I realize rather selfishly that maybe it ain't all that bad. Oh yes, it does suck to have to drag my lazy butt out of bed and it IS awfully cold out there. But hell, at least I AM working, and there is food for breakfasts and lunches, and with minor sniffles and coughs and colds, we are all healthy. Heck, no one in our house has ever even be arrested, ever. Now isn't THAT something you can hang your hat on?

Oh, and did I mention that I have the most wonderful of husbands who makes all those hot and delicious meals for our family? Or that for all their teenage or nearly or nary teenage grumblings, we do possess three of the greatest kids you could ever wish for (if, that is, you were crazy enough to wish for teens either pre- mid- or post stage at all!)

And our house is warm and heartfelt with the ever present scent of fresh cut wood in the stove. (Again, thank you Mountain Man.) And the freezer always full. Yep. And our health! We are all healthy and happy or sometimes healthy and grumpy! But we are all well.


Okay! Uncle! Uncle! I wrote the first half of this post this early this morning. I was already at my desk, and I dashed off what early morning thoughts were bouncing in my early morning head. Usually, not much to read about, just a few ramblings to get my creativity mojo flowing for THE actual post. These are early morning thoughts, after all. I had my breakfast (cold pizza, my favorite! -Thanks baby!) and called the house to make sure those darling kids I mentioned earlier were all up and running for their school day.

That's when it happened. A sick child answered that phone, hacking and coughing away. Our youngest, who last night when I pried the X BOX 360 Live controller from his kung fu grip at 8:30 last night, was a perfectly healthy child. He was fine while he was sleeping all night, and seemed to be sleeping comfortably when I checked in on him before leaving for work at the ungodly hour of 5 am. In fact, this brutal junky cough due to cold that has him seized in its grip appears to have attacked at the precise moment I wrote the words "we are all healthy".

Drats! Why couldn't I have been writing about us winning the lottery? Hey, wouldn't THAT be cool? I could type up fancy cars to appear in the driveway. Ohhh, and I would delete more than a few pounds of body fat (and probably a few people as well!) I would type up the perfect teen personalities for the kids. And our alpha male would no longer feel the need to mark our entire house as his domain! Oh, and the $$money$$!!!! All that money that would actually grow on the proverbial money tree out back. Except it wouldn't be just a tree. Nope. We'd be living in an enchanted forest even Robin Hood would envy with all it's money tree forestry........


I just checked out the backyard. Nothing there but some leafless (and money less) oaks and pines that have been there since the beginning of time (at least since the beginning of MY time, anyway. sigh. It figures. My magic keyboard only focused on the sniffles and coughs and colds line of this post. And, oh shit....What did I write on that very same line???!!!

Heck, no one in our house has ever even be arrested, ever.

What do I call this? Bad Karma? Tempting the Gods of NOT FUNNY UP THERE?

Shit. I think I'll just call it a day. Maybe I'll just swing by the bank and pick up some extra cash. You know. Just in case someone needs bail.....

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