Friday, January 30, 2009

Mysuestories in 25 Random Thoughts

Okay, so I got tagged. As in "You're it" cyber space-wise. You (Me) are supposed to list 25 random facts, ideals, details, darkest deepest secrets about yourself. Then you are supposed to chain letter 25 other poor unsuspecting slobs to do the same. Just to get to know one another better. Well, I'm not a big fan of chain mail (even if it is chain e mail), so I won't be tagging anyone. But feel free to post in comments your 25. I'd love to see them . (Or ANYTHING else you'd care to comment on.)

Here goes.
25 Random mysuestories factoids

1. I laugh at my own jokes all the time.
2. I usually laugh ALONE at my own jokes all the time.
3. The entire world still revolves around me even though I am no longer 3 yrs. old.
4. Two of my 3 dogs are gay.
5. Ok, maybe only one is gay, but the 2nd one doesn't mind so much.
6. I still hate vegetables and won't eat them at all.
7. I have married vegetables.
8. My current husband is NOT a vegetable. He is more like a steak, tough on the outside, but sweet and rare on the inside.
9. I love to write about anything (now THERE'S a revelation for ya!)
10.I will talk your ear off if you let me.
11. I can cook, but pretend I can't.
12. I LOVE to clean.
13. I like the smell of soap.
14. My kids are a source of my greatest accomplishments.
15. My kids are a source of my greatest angst.
16. i can be such a b*tch at times- I know, hard to believe.
17. I took a what kind of Mom are you quiz, and the answer was Peg Bundy. Tomorrow I'm getting my big, poufy hair cut.
18. I still think I will win the lottery some day.
19. I don't actually buy lottery tickets, but when Mountain Man wins, I will tell him we are partners.
20. I love to take pictures of everything.
21. Most of my pictures suck, but every 100th is pretty good.
22. I am addicted to crime shows.
23. I always look for places that would make a great body dump site.
24. I have NEVER used on of those places. Yet.
25.I probably could use therapy, but they'll never take me alive!

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Sort of.

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acte gratuit said...

Hooray! I love knowing who's reading so thanks for my FIRST birthday gift! :)
And thanks for giving me a new blog to read! I'm spending a lot of time in bed these days so I need it!