Friday, January 23, 2009

The Game of Life

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children."
-Sitting Bull

Did Sitting Bull even have children? Because in MY world of raising chldren there isn't exactly a game plan. Hell, in MY world, there isn't even time to THINK of a game plan, no less enact one!

Part of MY game plan includes the necessity of both myself and my husband working full time. And in my case, that working aspect is dependant on a forty minute commiute each way. As tempting as it may sound to be a stay at home mom, we have decided that eating is probably higher up on the priorities list. Hence, we work. Alot.

That's not to say we don't get to raise our children. We do. We raise them each morning by alarm clock and via at least one telephone call. Usually two. Both of us are pretty sure the other will have forgotten to call them, so there is both of us calling usually within minutes of one another. Ironically, the conversations are identical.
" 'Lo?" Voice of one half asleep child, who always sounds as if this is his FIRST ever early morning call, and is never sure of who it might be.
" Are you up and moving yet?" Voice of one of two parents via phone from work station.
" Grunt." Voice of child pretending to sound semi awake.
"Excellant! Don't forget to eat a good breakfast. There's plenty of high fructose cereals in the cabinet, and if you add an additional spoonful of sugar, that should give you that early morning kick to get you on the bus in time."
Repeat conversation two minutes later with OTHER parent via phone from work station.

After school, both children find their way home from the bus stop, where miraculously they have no homework to accomplish. At least none that they remember until 8:30 that evening. Which ironically is the hour I am trying to herd them to showers and off to bed. It's a wonder what the threat of soap and water can bring to the mind of children. Maybe they should try this with amnesia patients? Just a thought...

Afternoons will find us shuttling the kids back and forth to sports and friends houses and the mall. Again, the kid calling my cell from home has not a clue that I am right this minute picking up one child at the mall, which is RIGHT NEXT TO the goddamn movie theatre he needs a ride to! We are proud to say it is not just us parents in this clan who do not plan! Apparently there is a genetic trait at work here somewhere.

Dinner is always served hot and plentiful. Tales of our seperate day's activities are melded together. Tables are cleared. Dishes washed. Laundry cleaned and folded. Maybe an hour of t.v. or games. Then it's homework, showers, and the thought of another day appproaching.

Don't get me wrong. There are also exotic vacations and fishing trips and restaurant nights and mini golf. There are family gatherings and celebrations. There are festivals and craft fairs and fire department fairs. And we share books and photographs and movies and stories and lots of laughter.

And at the end of our days? Whilst another long work day looms above us? We smile. All of us. Even (in spite of?) our moody teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings.

Yeah. I guess that IS the game plan. And you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way.

And Sitting Bull? Well, I think he's just that. Making a life for one's children involves a lot less sitting AND alot less bull, and a hell of a lot more doing and making it happen!

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