Friday, December 26, 2008

There's no Place Like Home

We wrapped, we unwrapped, we ate, we drank, we conquered. Christmas 2008 was an absolute slam dunk. Everyone had their fill of presents and food, and some of us, more than our fill of glasses of spirits (think spiked egg nog rather than spooky!). We had a full two days of visiting and receiving company, and everyone was just so gracious and generous and a wonderful time was definitely had by all. We had new friends in (Hi, John, - and don't worry, we are really NOT that scary, are we?) and of course some of our oldest (Hi, Eddie---LOL only kidding!) and nearest and dearest friends and family together. And we laughed. Not one disagreement or any pouting children. It was a perfect day topped by an even better evening of laughter and fun at any one's expense (sorry, Jen!). And who knew a certain very talented sister-in-law could actually create a sweatshirt with a beer cozy built in?! Her sewing was only to be outdone by her fudge.

Anyway, we all had such a wonderful time, that before I knew it, we are all planning to recreate the scene this Saturday evening....a little early new years thing, if you will..

I mean, heck, everything was Norman Rockwell perfect Wednesday and Thursday...What could possibly go wrong?

So, consider this your official invite to Our Home for the Holidays......

Oh, and make sure you wear your sweatshirt/beer cozy. It keeps the hands free if you want to go outside and play "rocks" with the other kids.

Happy Holidays from our home to yours! Oh, and constant reader, Thanks for visiting.

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