Saturday, October 11, 2008

ATTICA! ATTICA It's a dog day afternoon

Okay, so the door bell rings (alright, it was really just a knock at the door) and there is our across the road neighbor...Not really such an odd sight, but not a common one either....What was odd was the fact that he had our youngest miniature dauschund under his arm......Now Mickey(he used to be McToomey, but the dog was too little to live up to that) was last seen in our dog enclosure in the mudroom off the kitchen, where he was sleeping on top of dauschund number two, Bruno( don't blame that name on me....he came to our family with it). Apparently Mickey saw the open back door as an opportuntiy to explore and ended up playing in our neighbors garage with his labrador for the better part of an hour,. I guess our neighbor figured we were happy with just two dogs, and decided to forsake number three....or more likely he guessed (correctly) that with three dogs it's like having three kids. When there's one everyone watches him. Number two comes along and each person takes charge of one...Number three kid or dog...and everyone falls to the way side!!!!!.. Any way, after thoughtful consideration, (haha) we are safely at dogs numbering three!!! Thanks neighbor!!!

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