Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old Friend (Grey Goose) Meet the New Friend OR Where's Everybody Going?

The Mountain Man and I had the unique opportunity to spend a week with a collection of his friends that have the distinct pleasure of not knowing me all that well. (Read- that means they still like me. By default, maybe, but they like me! They really like me!)

Anyway, half way through our little getaway, we (ok, ok, mostly me...geez...) may have spent a few evenings indulging in adult liquid libations.....It was an all inclusive..and if you know my Mountain Man, you know how he enjoys getting his money's worth....So, this one evening, I may or may not have single handed cleaned out the Grey Goose supply at this one particular on-site bar....(Puh lease...I am sure I was not the only tourist trying to maintain good relations with France...)
Anyway, TGFA.. Thank God For Absolute........I can be very adaptable when necessary.....and our evening continued.

Fast forward next evening....Mountain Man and I arrive at the same Barrio de Alcohol Recreation (B.A.R.- for my non-espanol speaking -er, reading-amigos) and join our travel companions- IE: captive audience. I saunter up to the bar immediately...(hey, it's just a natural reflex- like chewing before swallowing---) and I request a large glass of ice water.....
Must be the humidity in those South American countries, 'cause for some reason? I was severely dehydrated all week long...go figure....
I am freshly greeted by one of my newly acquired BFF's (read- she STILL likes me, She really likes me!), and she tells me that the bar has just restocked and opened a brand new bottle of Grey Goose. I nod and say that yes, I am, in fact aware of this fact. ( I had just seen the barkeep open the fresh bottle...)

The bartender then hands me my LARGE glass of water on the rocks, and I grab it and down the entire glass (dehydration due to too much sun

New BFF looks at me in a whole new light (albeit: a dark light) and asks, " Was that Grey Goose?"
To which I, you know me..dear reader...having oh so many friends to begin with...haha...responds,
"Of course......Bar keep give me another...." maybe I need to work on my people skills.........

I did take the opportunity to inquire of new/soon to be ex? BFF that one nagging question that bloggers ad infinite have been dying to ask their public: Am I funny, as I surely intend to be....or do I fall on the annoying side of things....(so much for good intentions....)
To which she responded, (God Bless her honesty!), "You're funny..."she says...and my head swells considerably....And then she continues.....
"Most of the time......"

Okay....I'll take it!

She LIKES me! She Really Likes me!