Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is The End of the World As We Know It!

Well, the world may very well be coming to an end! Hell must be freezing over. Pigs will indeed fly. Farrah really IS an angel. And Michael Jackson is the world's very best child role model.

I suppose, dear reader, that you are wondering what has sent the earth in to this untimely spin of destruction? And why, oh why, is mysuestories at the heart of such world altering changes?
Simply put, constant reader, the current state of turmoil of this galaxy is caused by changes at mysuestories manor. Yep. Single handedly, I have achieved total universal chaos.

"But how did you do this, mysusetories, your majesty?" (Hey, my blog, my kingdom. Don't judge me.)
Quite simply, we have turned out our three-toed sloth to the working force! That's right. The kid who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag with a map has got a job!!!

Not just any job, either. He's pulling ten and eleven hour shifts SIX (That's right, reader, SIX!!!!) days a week digging post holes and installing fences for a certain local landmark (who shall remain nameless, but who would probably be better suited as a plumber due to certain characteristics!)

Yep, the kid who wouldn't, shouldn't, (" I just can't work, Mama! I just can't!") CAN!!!!!!! He really can work! And he does. Makes a mama proud, I tell ya!!!

And he has just stepped right into the working man's lament head first. Besides enrapturing us at nightly meals with tales "from the job site" and his just-walked-in-the-door lamentations of "what a long day on the job!" , our little three toed sloth has finally embraced a long standing tradition of the working man the globe over.

Tonight, the Sloth came home and announced he had bought his very first lottery ticket. You know. So that he can retire. At the ripe old age of eightteen.

Yep. He and sixty two million other Amercians. God bless the working class!

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