Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks -See That She Doesn't Steal Your Wallet!

Okay, so we all know all about my Internet addiction, no? (Of COURSE we do, but thanks for not sending out the INTERVENTION hit squad yet!!! I do understand that once I stop making you laugh, I am fair game for a 12 step program---sheesh---the pressure!)

Anyway, so I often troll the Internet, not for p0rn, but for new blog reading material--some of it as good as I've ever seen!---AND as with all trolling, you come across a few diamonds in the rough, a few gems, and the occasional "How the fuck did I get here, and why am I still reading it?"

I'm not sure which category this one fell in, but I stumbled upon Her Bad Mother' Basement, which is an off shoot of herbadmother Her Bad Mother: Hello, Princess
Her Bad Mother's Basement Her Bad Mother's Basement: Sick And Tired

is an anonymous F**k You Forum that encourages people to vent and rant and rave over any number of topics. It's kinda like that accident clogging up traffic....You really just want to get past it, but as you drive past, you automatically slow down for a longer look...
Well, I haven't posted any deep, dark secrets or rants (Breathing easier, mountain man?), but I
have been slowing down more often to look at the crash scene.

Today's post,Her Bad Mother's Basement: Sick And Tired
follows the rantings of one extremely stressed out military wife who is raising her kids solo while her man very valiantly sacrifices his freedom to ensure ours. Commendable couple, no? That's kinda what I thought. Until I started to read the comments....(Of COURSE I read the comments! The comments are like the twisted metal of that accident you just have to watch!)

The first few comment offer up all types of suggestions to relieve the stress of this military mom. (Hey, who says bloggers can't be helpful?). And I thought all was right with the world.

Then I got to the next eight or ten comments starting with Teena from India who so graciously offered our daily damsel in distress her services via international escort. Following Teena (who I'm sure is a fifty year old, five hundred pound, naked balding man in New Jersey), were over half a dozen OTHER "Indian" escort services offering to help out out our overstressed mom.(sorry folks...no direct links here..I provide my own smut on this site!--DO feel free to click on the links above our voyeur the site yourself---)

Now, I'm not 100% certain, but it's my guess our Do It All By Yourself Military Mom is a tad too tired to pursue the invitations of these various Indian sluts ladies of the evenings. Or perhaps I read them wrong, and these inquiries were actually career opportunities for Military Wifey, who clearly sounds as if she requires a change of scenery? In which case, maybe these Escort Service hijackings in the blogosphere is a good thing?

Sigh. Now I don't know if I'm relieved that mysuestories doesn't generate
that kind of response (or any other , for that matter, constant reader!), or is it because they simply don't think I'm pretty enough to be an Internet slut high class call girl?
Sigh. Maybe I should be posting on Her Bad Mother's Basement: Sick And Tired about this shortfall of mine.....

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