Monday, May 4, 2009

Games People Play!

How do you turn a sweet, mild mannered 12 year old into a money grabbing slum lord akin to Imelda Marcos on a bad day?
From Party Time

Why, you play Monopoly with him, of course!

This dear child became the most ruthless land baron I had ever seen! The lure of the dollars! Those shiny little hotels!!!
From Party Time

That evil maniacle laugh as
his own mother was sent to jail!!!!!
From Party Time

Beware!!!! Trump: The Next Generation!

The little bastard had me mortgaged to the hilt! And then he went in for the kill! Hotels on Baltic AND Mediterranean did me in on my last pass! Shit! $450.00 to land on those dumps?! I didn't stand a chance!

Sure. Laugh now, my little entrepreneur! Wait till Allowance Day! Each real dollar is gonna cost him $200.00 Monopoly money!!! And then we'll play again!

And just wait till the little bugger finds out how much the back rent is for that video game enhanced bedroom he's been squatting in all these years!!!

Hey, if you can't beat 'em, find a weakness and SQUASH 'EM like a bug!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice monopoly set. Good story too.