Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is definitely on it's way. I can tell, too. It's here in these fresh flowers the mountain man planted by the front door:

From Party Time

And by the back door:
From Party Time

( He knows I just love seeing fresh flowers when I come home- he's a suck up that way, and I adore him for that!)

I can see spring here:
From Party Time

Notice the hard dark ground has been turned and outlined? Just waiting for the mountain man and I to plant our garden. Since we won't be having any fruit from our loins together, we have decided to cherish the vegetables from our dirt, which is much more our style!

More importantly, I can see spring here:
From Party Time

What can I say? Apparently face book is not my only addiction! So many flip flops, so little feet. I should have been a centipede!

**disclaimer: Due to the high incidence of piracy paranoia (Ooh, I like that one!) in the blogosphere lately, let me just say that I have seen other posts of sandals lately, but none as pretty as mine! (OK! I may be just a tad prejudicial! But these words and those flip flops? All mine, baby!)

Oh, and constant reader? Thanks for coming by!


Christine said...

That is an extraordinary number of flip flops. Personally I can't stand to wear them. They hurt.
I have to say, I'm a little jealous of the dirt. All my gardening is in containers as our dirt is more sand than dirt.


If there's one thing we excel at here at mysuestories manor, it is dirt. Whether we play in it, plant in it, or just plain dish it out! Dirt is our favorite kind of Earth! Happy Earth Day!!!!