Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feeding Kids in Today's Economy

Why is it that I can spend $150.00 on groceries at noon, only to be told by my kids that there is nothing to eat by four o'clock?
What is it about food that comes with more than two steps in the directions that immediately scares off anyone who has never had to purchase their own food?
My kids would literally starve to death were it not for Hot Pockets and Chef Boy R Dee. And, coincidentally, those items are generally left off my shopping list (Hey, I said I'd have kids. I didn't promise to feed them at the cost of my going bankrupt!)
Matter of fact, I went out of my way today to purchase items I knew they wouldn't eat! And think of the savings! Instead of jarred spaghetti sauce, I bought canned tomatoes. They won't even know what they're for! Frozen waffles for breakfast? Try buying powdered pancake mix. That one will be in my cabinets for months! Heh.
Want orange juice? There's the oranges right there in the fruit bowl, sitting next to the never to be made apple juice!
Want your cold cuts to last longer? Hide 'em in a quiche! Planning on hoarding that package of bonbons you snuck into the house? Put them under some vegetables. They wouldn't dare to touch those!
Yep, I think I may be on to something here. I don't plan on shopping again until the cabinets are bare. Tee hee.
Oh, and tomorrow night's dinner? Linguine with garlic and oil. Just as soon as one of those kids learns how to use a pasta machine!
Who says having kids is all work and no play? Hah!

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