Friday, March 20, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

It's not always easy being the "trophy wife", ie: "not the wife I married and intended to grow old and fat with".

This, dear reader. is NOT a choice. It's the reality that has become my life. I have been married three times (thus far---sorry, Mountain Man, I just HAD to add THAT in!!!)
Not ONCE out of three was I the first choice. Nope. Mysuestories must be in the bargain aisle, cause I am ALWAYS second (not yet third, thank you, Jesus!) choice.
I guess I should be thankful I am NOT the starter wife, although SHE generally makes out better with child support than subsequent families!---We here at the Dollar Store tend to be thankful for ANYTHING WE GET....and if we don't, well, we will go after that later!!!

But, dear reader, practice makes perfect! Third time IS a charm! And I wouldn't change the long and winding road that led me to the Mountain Man's door! Now I've just gotta convince him to change THAT door with a pretty stained glass one I've got all picked out. After all, I only said I wouldn't change the journey. The destination? THAT'S another story!

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