Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sundae!

OK! I have officially broken my no gym rule. Yes, I belong to a gym. Yes, I have a lifetime membership and faithfully watch as monthly fees are deducted from my checking account each month. And no. I do not actually go to the gym.
In a moment of weakness/stupidity ten years ago, I signed a lifetime commitment to Bally's Fitness Centers. Now, if you know anything at all about mysuestories, it's that commitment is not exactly one of my strong points. (Geez, there's a surprise for ya, husbands one through twelve!)
It's not that I don't believe I will maintain such an exercise relationship, it's just that very often I believe I'd rather have a second plate of pasta or another drink rather than waste all that energy going to the gym.
So, monthly fees be damned, I broke up with my gym. Okay. It WAS rather a one sided relationship to begin with. I had to make all the commitments, and it was my responsibility to always go to HIM. Not once did he show appreciation, either, unless you count the pain he made me endure.
Even after the break up, he'd still taunt me. I could see him leer and posture as I would drive by, all the while me keeping my eyes cautiously tuned to the Baskin Robbins across the street.
Monthly he would send love letters on my bank statements upon which he still extracted his royalties!

Any yet still I resisted. What did HE have to offer me anyway? Health? Over rated. Happiness? Not nearly as much happiness as in an ice cream caramel covered super sundae deluxe with crumbled Oreo's on top. The hot bod? I think I've pretty much come to terms with the notion that my Anna Nicole Smith/ Pamela Anderson swimsuit days are well behind me.
(Oh! But THOSE days!! Brief? Yes! But Great? Oh yea!)

Anyway, three days into an extremely relaxing do nothing vacation, I hit the local fitness center. I jogged, I walked, I swam. Every day. I even picked up a tennis racket (which I just as quickly put down when I remembered that all I knew about tennis could be written on the backside of a fly!)

So, here it is Sunday. 48 hours after we returned from our most relaxing vacation. And for the second time in as many days, I have revisited my old beau, Gym.
Yep. We walked, and jogged and swam, just like old times. We both left this encounter having invested more than a little sweat, and I must say, I almost look forward to going back tomorrow.

After all, if I stay true to form again tomorrow, that will be day #3 I will have earned (And YES treated myself) to the lovely caramel covered ice cream sundae with crumbled Oreo's!
Finally! An incentive worth going to the gym for!

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