Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be Careful! It's Slippy In Here!

I realize that the current state of the economy is forcing everyone
to make cutbacks. But I do believe we have to draw the line on safety signs!

This sign appears on the freezer door of our local drive thru dairy stop.
From Slippy

I certainly hope that the maintenance that will come to your aid when called is not the same maintenance who lettered the sign!
Then again, the extension probably goes straight to a recording telling you to be careful and don't trippy on all that ice!


Christine said...

On the other hand, a person who needs to be told that ice, may indeed be slippery, may not notice the slippy slope of typos.


Ah, the slippy slope we slide upon when trying to keep the english language, um, english!
Oh, and any idea what today's woord verification means: desses?