Friday, January 9, 2009

They Call Me The Brain...Or Was That The Pain?

I am so slick. This is a little re-cap of mysuestories brain storm last night. I get them a lot, you know. No, smart ass, not nights. Brain storms. And this is pretty much how they all end up.

Mysuestories: Hey, babe? I've got an idea.

Mountain Man: (makes noise, something a kin to a moan/groan)

Mysuestories: No, really. I really have an idea. And this time it's a good one.

Mountain Man: (another, louder grunt)

Mysuestories: Remember when you went hunting with the guys and said it would be a good idea if some day I took a little trip with the girls some time?

Mountain Man: No. That didn't happen.

Mysuestories: Sure it did. You suggested I could maybe plan a girl getaway.

Mountain Man: No. That was when I was telling you how fifteen years ago I went fishing in Alaska with a bunch of buddies, and all our then-wives were going to plan a trip for themselves, but they never pulled it together, so it never happened.

Mysuestories: Are you sure that's how it happened? Because I thought I remember you telling me to go away with some girls some where.

Mountain Man: (with wary eye upon me) Where exactly are you thinking of going?

Mysuestories: Well, you know how much I enjoy my blogging....

Mountain Man: And...

Mysuestories: Well, there's this convention every year. And it's really educational. And I could learn a lot, like how to finally post those pictures in the middle of my stories and how to get more advertising on board. You know, so I could help our family earn more money. It would of course only be for the good of the family.

Mountain Man: And where would such a for-the-good-of-the-family gathering occur?

Mysuestories: Hmmm...I don't really know. But I'll bet it's probably out in the middle of a mid west state. Nowhere mainstream. I'm sure. Nothing like Vegas or L.A. or Chicago, or anything.

Mountain Man: And the kids would want to go?

Mysuestories: Um, no. They would stay here with you. That's why it's a girl-cation. But an educational one. To learn stuff.

Mountain Man: And you'd go alone?

Mysuestories: Well, um, maybe I could go with one of my blog friends, like or something. You, know, the one I occasionally chat with on long weekend nights.....Or I could ask my kister. You know how she'd love to spend some time with me and a bottle of wine.

Mountain Man: OK, we'll look into it. Find out where it is first. Oh, and mysuestories? Don't be booking any flights just yet.

Of course I didn't hear that last part. He may have not even said it. I don't know for sure. I was in the other room on line with the travel agent. Oh, and guess where the convention is? Chicago. Isn't that great? See you in the windy city!!!!

Of course, I should probably find out when it is......oh well, first things first. I gotta go pack.

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Christine said...

lol! Too funny. I really would like to go, I'm just not sure if I can swing it this year.