Sunday, January 25, 2009

Educating the Faithful

Okay, faithful reader. You've been hanging around here quite a while, now. And don't think I haven't noticed. I have. Even if your comments are far and few between. That's okay. I like lurkers. It saves me the time of deleting those comments which are not 100% mysuestories flattering. Trust me, it's easier to find a pair of tight fitting jeans that look great on me than to find a nasty comment here. So here's your reward for being such a well behaved silent reader.

Time to add a little insight into the love that is mysuestories and Mountain Man. If you're still reading, I figured you've earned this much, at least.

Six Things I Love About My Mountain Man

1. His eyes dance when he laughs. It's true! Those pretty eyes could light up Rockefeller Center at Christmas!

2. He cooks scrumptious, delicious dishes. Anyone who's had the pleasure to share a meal with us will back me on this one!

3. He has fun at ANYONE'S expense (even his own)!

4. He is kind and strong.

5. He thinks the world of all of us, family and friends alike!

6. He thinks HE is lucky to have me.

Six Things About My Love For My Mountain Man

1. It is one of my finest accomplishments to make him laugh.

2. I love that he cooks, even on the rare occasions that I don't like what he makes!

3. He IS fun for everyone's enjoyment, even when it is at MY expense.

4. He is sweet, caring, and our rock in a sea of constant change.

5. He thinks the world of all of us, family and friends alike!

6. I KNOW I am lucky/fortunate/grateful to have HIM!

Oh, and did I mention he is soooo cute? He is. See for yourself!
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See? Told ya!
Thanks for stopping by, constant reader. I am happy to have you!

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