Friday, December 19, 2008

A Reason For All Seasons

"I believe, as many people do, that things happen for a reason. I'm not convinved there's a Grand Plan in place, but I do know that impulse and chance play a role in the Universe, as does coincidence."
p 322 T is for Trespass. Sue Grafton

Things happen for a reason. It snows on a work day to keep my heart rate up on that inevitably treacherous ride home.
A child will always run a fever on the day of an important business meeting.
Drop in company will only occur on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I have sworn not to move off the couch and the morning paper is draped throughout the entire ground floor.
Things happen for a reason. The reason being? To scew up my otherwise orderly life!

Things happen for a reason. My honey sends me off to work with a nice hot breakfast.
My youngest son snuggles up with me to watch a movie (ok- so it's His choice, not mine).
My company honestly doesn't care that the house is a mess, and I am truly thrilled that they have come to visit, newspapers strewn about and all.
Things happen for a reason. The reason being? To screw up my otherwise orderly life.

Order can be so boring. Thank God, things happen. For whatever the reason!

Oh, and if you are ANY WHERE near our house in the upcoming few weeks (and considering most of my faithful readers live in our town!), you had better damn well stop by. I'm not picking up those newspapers for nothing, you know.

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