Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Birthday, Baby...

Well, the holidays are upon us,..Boy, are they coming up quick--And I've spent a good deal of time and money shopping these last few far I've gotten new shoes (for me) a new pocketbook (for me), a new outfit (for--yup, you guessed it, for me!)

Actually, it's not as selfish as it sounds --ok, maybe it IS as selfish as it sounds, but I have some inherent holiday issues....

I am a Christmas baby---Not as in Merry Christmas, Baby (thank you, Bruce Springsteen), but as in born not in a manger but on the same calender day....

Oh WOW, says you? An honest to God Christmas baby? Well, that must just be the most wonderful time of the year for a birthday! Isn't that great?

Well, actually, it does present some issues, especially as a precocious(i was) child---

Issue #1 you don't get to make but one wish list a year---anything you wanted as a gift in June was long forgotten by November! Hence, summer play items were usually borrowed from a lucky sister blessed witha June birthday!

Issue #2-(to be shared with anyone with a birthday from September 5th through April 1st-) Pool parties and outside gatherings are definitely off the list!

Issue #3-The old birthday / Christmas gift---usually resulted in a slightly better christmas gift than everyone else, but not really up to par as two seperate gifts. (Is anyone else looking up the number of a good therapist for mysuestories about now?)

Issue #4-That cake served after Christmas dinner, well, we all know that was a last minute afterthought, or at the very least, one more stop at a bakery, that we hope is open on Christmas morning---thank God, that bakery in Island Park (sorry-the name escapes me)--was ALWAYS there for us!!!

Anyway, somewhere along the line, I began to think that Christmas shopping meant getting my birthday/ Christmas gift for myself first to kick off the festivities... It became a ritual....

My birthday would be recognized by myself with a special purchase usually accomplished on my first day of holiday shopping.... Be it a new coat or shoes or handbag...just something to signify MY birthday...not Christmas.

As I got older (Haven't we all?) my priorities leaned more towards my kids, my husband...making someone else feel special on Christmas, well, that was the whole idea of the whole gift giving thing, wasn't it?

Well, the kids are a little older, the husband newer, and yet here comes my birthday/Christmas (how come Christmas is capitalized, but not birthday, anyway?)

So, I thought maybe I would treat myself to a new outfit, new shoes, a new handbag or three....

Well, guess what....that burly rough and tough haven't shaved in days mountain man i call my husband (and gladly, too)--Well, he arranged a little Birthday (with a capital "B" ) shopping trip

and we acquired together, in honor of my BIRTHDAY...not christmas/ holiday/ birthday...But for my BIRTHDAY...We bought mysuestories a new outfit (thank you macy's)....a new pair of shoes (you can NEVER have too many--thank you Imelda Marcos for that lesson) AND a new designer bag ---God bless frivulousness?

All this, and all beceause it is going to be my BIRTHDAY...

Not Christmas, which by the wqay, should now be lower case christmas, but, all for my UPPER CASE BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well, maybe having a Christmas Birthday IS all good...After all, I HAVE been blessed with the most rugged, he-man, tough guy, soft-hearted, sweetie with excellant fashion sense in shoes (Honest to God!!!)--He IS the end of my rainbow!!!!

So, my lesson in this? God DOES bless us. Everyone. That's why he gave me Grizzly Adams.

Or maybe God just has bigger sense of humor than I give Him credit for.....


Fireman John said...

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Christine said...

If it means anything, I always think of you on christmas, knowing that you were somewhere celebrating Your Birthday. (notice the cap. usage) Glad you had a great Birthday shopping trip! <3