Friday, December 26, 2008

Call Me, Call Me Anytime!

The toys are strewn from one end of the house to the other. There are new video game systems to be set up and new hunting rifles to be cleaned and stored away. New movies to watch and iTunes to download. But that's not really what this season is all about, is it? Nope. The games and gadgets are good (the laptop of course is GREAT!). But the one gift that topped everyone's list in our house this year? The Panasonic wireless phone/answering machine with 5 (that's right -count 'em! 5) handsets, each with their very own Base charging station. Now with three kids and the two of us....well, mathematically speaking, this is good news for our house.

See, we are currently deprived of any corded phone hanging on a wall or sitting on a nightstand table. We have a wireless handset/phone answering machine, with two additional handsets. With a twenty something, a teenager, and a tween, and four seperate bedrooms, we are always in search of a phone (and, shudder, one that is charged long enough to dial and speak three words before it loses power and shuts down completetly always when talking to my mother , who is getting a little suspicious of how in this day and age we can't possibly acquire a working land line!).

Did I mention that each member of our family also possesses a cell phone, and yet, still we can't locate a house phone?!

And trust me, when Momma can't find a ringing phone, NOBODY is happy!

So it was with much glee and joy that our family was the proud recipient of the handy-dandy- every-body-gets-a-phone-in-their-own-room-with-a-charger. Now I have a cellphone AND a phone in my bedroom AND a phone in the living room.

It took us 3 hours to set them all up...I know, I know, I make us sound so technologically advanced, don't I? But in actuality, any job bigger than switching a battery makes me shudder. And dear heart? Well, his idea of changing a light bulb requires the use of a hammer. I kid you not.

It's been 2 days now, and still I sit and stare in wonderment at the marvel that is MY phone. It's battery bars at full mast. And there it sits.

I wonder what it will sound like if (I mean when, dammit, when!) it finally rings!

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Christine said...

I only have the three handset model, which I thought would be plenty, but now... not so much. I'll be joining you soon in the five handset club. You know, it probably has an intercom too. If you look at the handset, somewhere on it, it probably says "intercom". Press it, dial another handset and when the child answers it, send them on an errand. It provides hours of entertainment. Merry Birthmas.