Friday, October 10, 2008

When they said sit down...I stood up

Remember how lame you thought your parents were when you were young? I mean, how difficult was it to set up the vcr, or hook up a stereo system with only 2,000 cables and wires....and the brand new micro wave ( not to be used for cooking---only reheating- cause God only knows what those radiation waves will do to us in 40 years) The vcr clock really wasn't all that mysterious, was it? Imagine, folks.... an answering machine with our OWN PERSONALIZED message as opposed to the voice of a disembodied computer chip with NO syntax to his tone!!!!

Ah yes, those years were great... I could fix any thing, set any thing, wire up all the latest electronics.....They looked upon me with the eyes of the envious....of those who could never achieve such superior inteliigence in the high tech world of the eighties.....I was conqueror of all i repaired.......

Oh, did I mention that had to have my 17 year old explain and help me to hook my blog to my facebook???? And if I'm not too imposing (read dorkish), maybe I can get him to tell me where all the photos I've been trying to post on my sites have gone....(I hope those office party snapshots didn't end up on wierd universe again!) And, I know the kid will never speak to me if I managed to send his first day of tequila vollyball in Mexico to my husband's open school email posts again....(Turns out the kid isn't much for vollyball OR tequila!!!)

Well, in my darkest moment of the reality that I have in fact become the lame parent I swore I never would, my Dad just called---he wanted to know if the DVD he mailed us works on our television, or maybe just on his ????!!!!!!

Thanks D.J. for your help in furthering my technological education....and Thanks Dad, for reminding me, I CAN still hook up the VCR (if they still made them that is......)

Old Springsteen lyric......"When they said sit down, I stood up"
Still, true, only now I forgot why I'm standing.......

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Christine said...

oooooh oooooh Growing Old... =)