Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We spent a good part of the weekend working around the house....Pa Ingalls was busy hooking up electric to our new upstairs addition with MORE than a little help from our friends!!!!! thanks Jimmy!!!! You really brighten our days (and our home!).

I scrubbed some screens and windows-boy, what a difference a little soap and water can make....With all that sunshine coming in, I then had to dust everything that didn't look quite so bad when there was no sun glare hitting the room!!!!!

The next logical thing would have been to scrub that dust that was now all over the wood floors---but I caught on to what was happening...... then I'd have to vacuum the surrounding areas, wash the walls, then I'd want to paint the ceilings and walls when I'd see how not clean they were coming.....so to save the cost of painting, I quit at dusting.....Anything to help Pa save money!!!!!

Actually, I found the afternoon better spent with a good book (the new Patricia Cornwell--The Point), and Pa actually took me in to town for some fancy vittles at VINTAGE steak house in ST James-----Never actually heard of it or been there before...but we will be back----Pricey, yes, but definitely worth that splurge....the steaks (A huge bone for Pa, filet mignon for me) were of the melt in your mouth category...butter knives could've cut them!!!!! The apps were wonderful---(real crab meat crab cakes! and mozzarella, tomatoe and roasted peppers) not to mention mashed garlic potatos that were to die for........If any one ever reads this and is passing through that neck of the woods, by all means make this a part of your day.....

I love Sundays!!!!!!!

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